Contract of adhesion


Procedures and Standards (3/3)

We are a family owned and operated business.


10.1 - After the payment in cash or in part, THERE WILL BE NO FULL RETURN OF THE AMOUNT PAID.

10.2 - IF the work is not exclusive, that is, it contains more than 5% of text without due reference, the student will be entitled to 70% refund.

10.3 - IF after 100% elaborated and delivered work, it contains more than 30% of its content outside of what was requested according to the initial request, the student will be entitled to 40%. (This clause does not apply to the preview)

10.4 - After delivery of the PREVIOUS and made its analysis, the student will have the right to request corrections, if necessary, in the event of clauses 10.2 and 10.3. THERE WILL BE NO RETURNS OF VALUES under any aspect in this condition.

IF the student decides that he / she no longer wishes to prepare the work, there being no justification, just the cancellation THERE WILL BE NO RETURN OF VALUE under any aspect in this condition

10.5. If there is a return agreement, a date will be scheduled for the reversal of the amount and an announcement of the scheduled date (s) will be made by email. The amount to be reversed may be paid in installments and the MAXIMUM TERM FOR THE RETURN WILL BE 90 DAYS.

11th CLAUSE: The student's conduct and his interaction with the website developer or administration

11.1 - The student's conduct, along with his contact with the attendants or members of the Team by telephone or by e-mail, cannot be: pejorative, discriminatory, threatening, obscene, slanderous, insulting or defamatory, in under no circumstances, under penalty of immediate termination of the CONTRACT, without prejudice to the burden on any of the parties or other applicable measures.

11.2 - The student will be communicated through his registered e-mail, whenever there is a message in the student's area , as it is extremely important that his panel is accessed to read the message and thus maintain a direct communication with its developer.

11.3 - In the absence of feedback from the developer, the student may contact the site administration via e-mail: or by phone: (21) 3942-3332 from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

12th CLAUSE: Responsibility of the Team and the Company

12.1 - The responsibility of the Team consists of developing only research with the utmost commitment, aiming to satisfactorily meet the needs of the students, with respect to the object of this contract. However, despite the effort, the Team is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE APPROVAL of the student. In this way, the company RSA CONSULTORIA LTDA, holder of the domain, will not be able to suffer any legal charges, since the user is perfectly aware of the risks when requesting a research of university stamp. We understand that when accessing this type of service, the student is at risk with regard to the elaboration of the research, since the attempt at satisfaction is our prerogative. However, we reiterate that the research prepared by the MonographsOnline Team may or may not be within the vision of student satisfaction. The reason for this argument is the fact that we do not have access to the student's routine in his educational institution and therefore have complete certainty of the student's mastery over the subject addressed.

12.2 - The team does not carry out field research or case studies, as we have no way of collecting data for the elaboration of this type of work.

12.3 - We do not send the student the bibliographic material used in the preparation of the research. They can only be sent, if the student makes this request in the initial request of the work, however only the files available on the WEB that can be sent, since we are unable to send periodical publications, articles or books via correspondence. All material that the user has available and that can be useful for the development of the requested service, can and should be sent by the system through his login and password.

12.4 - Beforehand, the MonografiaOnline Team DOES NOT PREPARE the following types of academic works: review, file, case study, field research and business plan.

13th CLAUSE: Student responsibility

The student is fully responsible for the use of the research sent to Equipe and it is up to him to print and bind it.

14th CLAUSE: Secrecy and delivery guarantees

14.1 - All services requested and personal data passed on to the Team are confidential, so that nothing under any circumstances is passed on to third parties.

14.2 - The Team is responsible for the preparation and delivery of the work now ordered with the exception of clause 12.1.

14.3 - The works developed were not under any hypothesis by the team that developed it, thus leaving the student with TOTAL, ABSOLUTE AND UNRESTRICTED power of possession over the elaborated research. The purpose of this service is to help students develop their own research and thus have the opportunity to study and / or personalize what has been developed, enriching its content in the best way they want.

14.4 - Complete texts extracted from books and / or Internet sites without including the appropriate reference. PLÁGIO is not considered: citations in the middle of the text, small paragraphs in which they have been cited in the footer or in the research bibliography according to the ABNT standard.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.