Contract of adhesion


Procedures and Standards (1/3)

1st CLAUSE: Provision of personal data

1.1 - All data will be protected and never transferred to any institution or person. It is important that the data sent to the MonografiaOnline Team is correct so that we can make contact if necessary. Based on the information sent by the student, a free quote will be sent to you until the next business day.

2nd CLAUSE: Data changes

2.1 - If the contact data, such as: (telephone and / or e-mail) changes during the contracting of the research, the student must contact immediately to make the necessary updates.

2.2 - Changes to the theme or the anticipation of dates will not be allowed, with the risk of canceling the preparation of the survey, with the exception of postponing, without burden to the company and without the right to return, and a new budget may be made with new dates.

2.3 - Specific formatting of the university sent after the payment of the first installment, will be made after the end of the research.

2.4 - Papers requested with the title "open", cannot be accepted unless, later and immediately, the student decides on the theme and communicates the administration of the site.

2.5 - After the theme is defined, it cannot be modified any more.

3rd CLAUSE: Our ability

Our team is formed by education professionals with extensive experience in developing personalized scientific research in any area, as well as in jurisprudential research, electronic articles, typing and formatting works according to ABNT rules.

4th CLAUSE: Delivery method

4.1 - The delivery of research is through the student's panel in MicrosoftWord files. A preview will be sent on the date requested by the student, respecting a minimum period of 15 days. After analyzing the preview, the student should give a feedback to the developer, signaling if the content sent is in accordance with what was expected, and only after the student's return will the developer be proceeding with the preparation of the work.

4.2 - If the student does not give or delay to return to the developer after sending the preview, there may be a delay in the final delivery of the work, since the developer will only finish the work after the student's approval.

5th CLAUSE: Payment method

5.1 - We allow payment by debit / credit cards, online transfers (also through ITAÚ bank) and bank slip.

5.2 - The start of the survey is only effective after the confirmation of the first payment.

5.3 - The student is obliged to make the second payment after receiving the first prior. (If your initial choice was to pay the job 3 times).

5.4 - In order to have access to the complete file, the student must have paid all installments, otherwise the final file will not be released.

6th CLAUSE: Corrections and implementations and research approval

6.1 - Requests for corrections and / or implementations must be sent through the email and / or through the message link in the student's area . This procedure must be done a maximum of 02 (two) times during the preparation period. After the delivery of the research is fully completed, only 01 (one) change will be made, with a maximum term of 7 (seven) working days, depending on the type or amount of information to be changed and / or implemented. The implementations must be made exactly within the initial order, because if the requested changes and additions go beyond the content that was initially requested, the budget will be redone over the amount of excess pages.

6.2 - It is worth emphasizing that the content to be developed by the Team must be exactly in accordance with THE STUDENT'S INITIAL REQUEST sent through our form and that there will be no possibility of changing the topic after the initial payment as already said before. The scientific research developed by the Team certainly aims at the approval of the student, however, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO GUARANTEE APPROVAL.

6.3 - We do not receive material sent by the student, such as: books, handouts, manuals and any other type of paper document sent by post. These files can only be sent if sent through our system or email, they must be sent in WORD, PDF, SLIDES - Power Point and IMAGES format.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.